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tuesday, may 19, 2015

Chiefs Message

Avery Browne Traditionally, in the month of May our community comes together to celebrate the sacrifices and services of our first responders, fire department, ambulance company, military personnel, and community services groups. This was very evident on Sunday morning when we kicked off the Annual Flea Market and Emergency Medical Services Week celebration! There were representatives from organizations that serve our youth, students from Pacific Union College Nursing Department and the Emergency Medical Services Department, local businesses, retirees, and the Angwin Community Council. REACH Air Ambulance and the California Highway Patrol’s Advance Life Support rescue helicopter provided unique opportunities for our community to interact with professionals that ensure our safety on a daily basis. The overriding theme for the day was, “community interacting and sharing with each other.”

Angwin has always been a community in which residents, visitors, friends, and businesses embrace and share the responsibility to protect our beautiful mountain. During our visit on Sunday we distributed literature to help us improve the defensible spaces around our homes, improve medical and fire safety, and educate residents on CPR! This willingness to voluntarily comply with safety rules, and freely give of our time and talents to protect the community is unique. Let us continue to foster, teach, and train our unique model of stewardship and service.

On behalf of the men and women of the Angwin Volunteer Fire Department thank you for the support and the opportunity to serve this great community!

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Cellphones in Emergencies

Health App

When you're involved in a medical emergency and loved ones are not around, how will first responders get ahold of your next of kin? How can they know about your medical history, medications and allergies?

Cellphones and smartphones are everywhere and most everyone has one. There are a few things you can do to assist us in helping you.


  1. Check and see if your phone has a "Emergency Contact" in your address book
  2. If not, create a contact titled "*ICE"
  3. Put your emergency contact person and phone number in these contacts.
Having these filled out will allow us to contact someone who might know information about you.


  1. If you have updated to the new iOS, go to the app (pictured above) called "HEALTH"
  2. Go to the bottom and choose "Medical ID" on the far right of the screen
  3. Put in all of the phone numbers, blood type, organ donor and other medical information
Now during an emergency if you are unresponsive the phone can be picked up and we can do the following:
  1. Go to the dial pad where you enter your lock code
  2. Press "emergency" on the bottom left of the screen
  3. A new screen will pop up and in the bottom left corner will be "Medical ID"
It can be opened without your passcode and has your emergency information.

Please take a moment to update your information. Doing this allows first responders to give you fast and appropriate medical care!

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