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tuesday, november 11, 2014

Chiefs Message

Avery Browne On Saturday afternoon, November 08, 2014, at 3 pm, relatives, former students, residents, friends, community leaders, and colleagues gathered in the sanctuary on the campus of Pacific Union College to celebrate the life and contributions of retired Angwin Volunteer Fire Chief Lyle McCoy and his wife Ruth McCoy. The well-wishers came from as far away as Boston, Massachusetts to say goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Angwin!

The Angwin Volunteer Fire Department was a huge part of the McCoy’s life. Lyle’s 53 years of service to the department began in 1947, after he single handedly extinguished a fire in a neighbor’s house. Lyle, recounted his debut. “It began late one night when he heard cries of 'Fuego! Fuego!' My Spanish is good enough for me to know someone was yelling ‘fire,”’ he said. He rushed out of his home, grabbed a garden hose and dragged it to the house where he heard the calls for help. Inside he found a closet and water heater in flames. He doused the fire using a dishpan for a bucket. “I had the fire out before the fire department arrived," McCoy said, with a sheepish smile spreading across his face. "The next week they invited me to join the department!" During his distinguished tenure, he served for 14 years as the 8th chief in the department’s 93 year history. In addition, to his service in the fire department, Lyle gave 30 years of service to the Angwin Community Ambulance Company.

Ruth was a good fireman’s wife. She learned how to use the computer and helped keep track of the homeowners in Angwin for the department. Lyle often gave her credit. “Ruth has been a real asset,” he said. “She never complained if I got called in the middle of a meal or the middle of the night. When a call came down, Ruth would look up the address, get the keys, go out and start the vehicle while I got my turnouts on. She would then tell me the name of the people who were affected by the call. Not everyone had such a supportive spouse.”

Lyle and Ruth also coordinated the community’s polling place, the annual flu and pet clinics, developed the The Angwin Directory, and ensured that all of the street signs were installed and addresses were visible. Lyle’s life was one of service to the community. He took comfort in the fact that he made a significant difference to many people’s lives in his service as an educator, businessman, philanthropist, firefighter, and emergency medical technician.

In 2012, the McCoys moved to Ooltewah Tennessee to be closer to their children and grandchildren. They enjoyed being close to the family, but Lyle always spoke about how much he missed Angwin. On March 17, 2014, Ruth passed away at home, and on September 30, 2014 Lyle passed away peacefully at home.

Thank you Lyle and Ruth for your unselfish service, contributions, support, and mentorship. Rest in peace, your Angwin Volunteer Fire Department family.

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Veterans Day

Veterans Day

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