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Engine 18

Type:  Fire Engine Type 1

Year:  2000

Manfactuer:  Pierce

Model:  Saber

Seats: 8

GVWR:  40,000lbs

Engine:  Detroit 40 Series

Horsepower:  350

Transmission:  Allison

Pump:  Waterous 1500gpm

Tank:  750 gallons

Foam:  Class A/B - 30 gallons

Engine 218

Type:  Fire Engine Type 2

Year:  2019

Manufacturer:  Pierce

Model:  International 4x4 Custom

Seats: 4

GVWR:  40,000

Engine:  Cummins LS9

Horsepower:  350

Transmission:  Allison 3000 EVS

Pump:  Waterous 1000gpm

Aux Pump: Darley 350gpm

Tank:  500 gallons

Foam:  Class A/B - 25 gallons


Patrol 18

Type:  Fire Engine Type 6

Year:  2020

Manufacturer:  EJ Metals

Seats: 4

GVWR:  19,500lbs

Engine:  6.7L Power Stroke Diesel

Horsepower:  330

Transmission:  Ford - 6 speed auto

Pumps:  Darley 225gpm

Tank:  300 gallons

Foam:  Class A - 10 gallons


Type:  Light Duty Rescue

Year:  2003

Manufacturer:  Pierce - Ford F-550 4x4

Seats: 4

GVWR:  10,000lbs

Engine:  Ford 6.0L V8 Turbo

Horsepower:  345

Transmission:  Ford

Light Tower

Air Bottle Filling Station

Auto Extrication & Rope Rescue Equipment

TRUCk 18

Type:  Quint

Year:  1994

Manufacturer:  Westates

Model:  HME Cab & Chasis

Seats: 4

GVWR:  43,000lbs

Engine:  Detroit 40 Series

Horsepower:  375

Transmission:  Allison

Pump:  Waterous 1500gpm

Tank:  500 gallons

water tender 18

Currently under construction. 

Water Tender 18 was lost in a fire that took the mechanics shop and multiple apparatus. We have worked with Napa County to develop and build our new tender that we look forward to receving this summer!

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