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Angwin Fire Department is a recognized leader in the delivery of quality fire prevention and protection. Many of the programs and ideas used by the Angwin Fire Department are also being used throughout the state, and in fact, the country.

Angwin Fire Department draws its strength from the skill and dedication of its staff and community. We believe that in the future this source of strength will continue to be our most important asset.

The communities we serve offer a diverse and challenging professional experience for all of our employees. The Department strives to develop and promote a positive and rewarding work environment. We attempt to provide the training and exposure necessary to prepare our personnel for career development and advancement.

The quality of service delivered by the Angwin Fire Department depends on a spirit of cooperation between our Administrative staff and each one of our employees.

  • Each one of us is Angwin Fire Department.

  • Each one of us must be committed to excellence.

  • Each one of us makes the difference between being just a good organization and being recognized as an industry leader in the delivery of high-quality fire protection and pre-transport medical care.


  • QUALITY FIRE PROTECTION: We sincerely believe that every resident and visitor of our community is entitled to prompt, courteous and professional fire protection. We feel that this is most effectively achieved by each employee having a personal commitment to treating each resident with individual respect in a compassionate, skillful manner.

  • OUR COMMUNITY: We believe that our continued success depends on our unfailing commitment to serving our community's needs. This requires that every resident and visitor be treated with courteous respect, honesty at all times, and a true willingness to accept their praise or criticism with equal consideration.

  • OUR EMPLOYEES: We believe that we draw our strength and integrity from the dedication of our employees. Informed, technically exceptional, and satisfied employees are the backbone of this Department. Therefore, we strive to maintain an atmosphere that contributes to continual personal and professional growth.

  • PROFESSIONALISM: We accept our obligation to provide quality fire protection and emergency pre-hospital care with a profound sense of responsibility. Therefore, as a reflection of the importance, we place on this privilege, we promote and expect professionalism in our appearance, personal actions, inter-agency relationships, and our service to our communities.

  • A SAFE AND SUPPORTIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT: We believe that our workplace should be safe and enjoyable. We place great emphasis on safety at all times and support the personal growth and job satisfaction of all of our employees.

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