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The Patch

Patch NB1.png

The AFD patch was developed during 2009 by then Chief Avery Browne, Graphic Designer Roy Ice and then Lieutenant J.R. Rogers. It went into service on January 1, 2010.

This AFD patch was developed around the Angwin Fire Department Mission Statement and Philosophy that we at AFD follow and abide by. By using this as a guide, Ice and Rogers were able to craft the patch with key features that represent Angwin.


THE FLAME - The torch represents Angwin and the Angwin Fire Departments desire to be recognized as leaders in fire prevention and protection. Programs and ideas developed by AFD are being used in the county, state, and the U.S. It shows that we are a light leading the way for others to follow and to look up to.


THE TORCH HANDLE - The handle is an elegant reminder that we are set deep in tradition. Every member of the fire department, past and present, has and is reaching up to hold the torch and move it forward to lead and pave the way for others.


THE MOUNTAIN - The mountain denotes where we live, overlooking the beautiful Napa Valley, and the vineyards below.


THE HYDRANT AND AXES - The fire hydrant and the ax is the core of the fire service. With water, we extinguish fires and with the ax, we are able to gain access to rescue trapped individuals. It is with these tools that we provide consisted, cost-effective service and protect Angwin.


FIRE & RESCUE - These two words define our mission. To protect the communities we serve from the threat and danger of fire and to rescue those around us from the harm and emergencies they endure.


THE CROSS - These symbols are set into a Maltese Cross commonly known as the St. Florian's Cross. This is a cross widely used by the fire service for its meaning. Its design is said to symbolize the eight points of courage: Loyalty, Piety, Bravery, Frankness, Glory and Honor, No Fear of Death, Compassion toward the sick and poor and respect for the church. It is these points that are embodied in each of our firefighters.

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